Covid-19 update – we are closed to visitors and no gathering for Mass in our chapel. 

We will continue to keep you updated in the days ahead.  

Stay safe!

Easter Message

Today, in this Easter season, Our Lady of Guadalupe Circle, releases a reflection on the Covid-19 pandemic. The Our Lady of Guadalupe Circle is a Canadian Catholic coalition of Indigenous people, bishops, clergy, members of lay movements and male and female institutes of consecrated life that seeks to renew and foster relations between the Catholic Church and Indigenous Peoples in Canada. This open letter to all Canadians brings to light both challenges and opportunities for all as we collectively navigate these unprecedented times.

Reflection on the Covid-19 pandemic/Réflexion sur la pandémie de COVID-19

Easter greetings!
As co-chairs of Our Lady of Guadalupe Circle we would like to offer a few reflections on how, in this period marked by COVID-19, we may be faithful and vigilant in our efforts of renewing and fostering relationships between the Catholic Church and Indigenous Peoples in Canada. Above all let us encourage one another and pray for an outpouring of compassion and kindness so that this period of physical isolation brought on by the pandemic may be also a time of social cohesion and solidarity. May we stay open to the many ways that the Risen One is walking with us, making all things new and turning all things to the good.  Easter message – READ MORE

In the face of Covid-19 Pandemic, We are reminded of these words by Blessed Emilie Tavernier Gamelin

FEAR NOTHING, I say to you my daughters, ‘FEAR NOTHING’, as long as you are surrounded by the poor, in the reality of our world today.

Providence would be your help as well as your faithful treasurer. Believe me, you will lack nothing”.  I urge you to learn how to forget all that causes pain, anxiety, and distress. Finding ways of being in solidarity with the lowly, the poor, the marginalized and especially those affected.

In the same way, I encourage you to learn to discover possible ways to face the challenges of everyday life; the joys; sufferings; grief and loneliness which I lay down for you.  (Foundress of the sisters of providence)