Our ministries are diverse and fulfilling. They continue to evolve and change to address the needs in our society. Our ministries extend to the sick in hospitals, nursing homes and homes for the aged. We are also actively involved in pastoral spiritual ministries, retreats and spiritual direction. We continue to minister to aboriginal people and ethnic groups, sponsor refugee families, help with food banks and provide safe interim housing for abused women and children.

Today, the works of the Sisters of Providence in western Canada are not identified as quickly as in the past when we had a greater presence in the many Providence institutions. Changes in society, in the Church and in religious life has given us the opportunity to be involved, individually or in small numbers, in ministries not directly associated with the religious community. The nature of our call, however, has not changed. The ministries we choose and the service we give remain driven by our mission to manifest the Providence of God by imitating the compassion of Mary at the foot of the Cross.

wings of providence

Women INeed Growing Stronger

WINGS of Providence provides women and children who have experienced family violence with independent living in a safe, secure, supportive environment.

Since 1987, WINGS has helped nearly 1000 women and more than 2200 children break the cycle of family violence. WINGS provides safety and 24-hour security. In this safe place, WINGS offers in-house courses on parenting; counseling for moms and children; emotional support; and life-skills courses in practical areas such as budgeting and food preparation. WINGS also provides follow-up support for women who have left WINGS for independent living.

The Sisters of Providence are the founding sponsor of WINGS and continue their involvement as members of the Board of Directors and by volunteering in various capacities.

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