Sister Dolorès Blanchette, since moving to Calgary has been involved in new ministries, one of which is using her knitting and sewing skills to help Doctors without Borders. Last year, she met a lady named Rose Soar, a retired nurse who traveled to different countries and knows many doctors. She said that what these medical men need the most is a practical, usable gift for “mothers to be,” because they are very poor. Mrs. Soar has organized a group of women volunteers to work, each in their own homes during the year. In May, she calls them together to make the packages from the items they have created throughout the year. Sister Dolorès is one of these women. They make small blankets, diapers, bonnets, knitted face cloths, and 4 pads for the mothers without forgetting the 4 safety pins. All must fit in a Ziploc bag of 10” x 11”, because these packages will go overseas by boat in containers filled with bicycles. The packages are used to pad the metal parts to stop it from making noise. Since, the packages are used for filling, it does not cost them transportation fees. They make about 120-150 packages each year!